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Amphibious ships need new C2 suites to pace aircraft, USMC commandant says

16 February 2018

With the increasing use of MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft and the advent of F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter deployments on US Navy (USN) large-deck amphibious assault ships, the US Marine Corps (USMC) sees a need for more advanced communications networks on the vessels.

“We’re putting 5th-generation aircraft on amphibs and running less than 5th-generation command-and-control [C2] suites,” USMC Commandant General Robert Neller said during the Amphibious Warship Congressional Forum, held in Washington, DC on 15 February.

While propulsion, navigation, and other basic hull-related systems will probably remain standard and unchanged through the building of a ship, Gen Geller said there would likely be technological advancements in C2 systems that would need to be incorporated before a new ship can go to sea.

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