Land Platforms

Portugal takes steps to make its soldiers more effective

15 February 2018

The Portuguese Army is working to significantly improve its soldiers’ mobility, survivability, firepower, and C4I capabilities in different terrain through the acquisition of a range of new equipment.

The first troops will be equipped in 2019 with an advanced modular solution offering open architecture and growth potential. The Commando Battalion, 1st and 2nd parachute battalions, Reconnaissance Group, 1st and 2nd wheeled mechanised infantry battalions and 1st Tracked Mechanised Infantry Battalion will be equipped with the full package, the army told Jane’s.

The lethality component will be provided by the acquisition of 11,000 5.56 mm and 300 7.62 mm assault rifles, 830 5.56mm and 320 7.62mm light machine guns, 1,700 40 mm grenade launchers, 450 7.62 mm precision rifles, 380 shotguns, and a significant number of image intensifier monoculars, thermal imagers, multifunction binoculars, and target pointers.

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