Country Risk

National Brigades likely to increase frequency of street violence in Ukraine, harassment of businesses, including foreign, likely

14 February 2018

Key Points

  • The National Brigades, which are legal according to Ukrainian legislation, are likely to become involved in law enforcement activities alongside with the police, especially during protests and rallies.
  • The groups are likely to be selectively involved in ‘settling’ political and private disputes, in order to receive additional funds for their own activities, thus increasing risks of criminal violence and corruption.
  • The National Brigades are likely to trigger deterioration of the security situation in Ukrainian cities, largely due to their overt intension to use force for dispute resolution, including in business disputes.
  • Individual foreign companies and citizens are likely to become targets of the paramilitary organisation’s activities; illegal asset stripping or use of force during protests is also likely to cause collateral damage.

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