Terrorism & Insurgency

Increased counter-terrorism operations in Sahel leading to pooling of jihadist resources, with capital cities likely targets

14 February 2018

Key Points

  • Growing counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel will likely increase jihadist attacks by the pooled resources of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda-linked groups, boosted by arrivals from the Middle East.
  • Jihadists are likely to attempt a high-profile attack involving SVBIEDs and gunmen in the six-month outlook, most likely in a Sahelian capital and targeting expatriates.
  • Civilians in north and central Mali are increasingly at risk from roadside explosive devices meant for military convoys.


Leaders of the five countries contributing to the G5 Sahel counter-terrorism force appealed for extra funding on 7 February, following a spike in jihadist attacks since the beginning of the year.

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