UkrOboronProm highlights success of aviation cluster in 2017 financials

13 February 2018

UkrOboronProm has announced that its Aviation cluster increased its net sales by 1.5 times over 2017, led in part by the success of the group’s main manufacturer, Antonov.

The manufacturer announced on 12 February that Antonov’s sales had more than doubled in 2017 to UAH5.9 billion (USD217.4 million), which contributed to the aviation cluster’s reported net income increasing from UAH8.2 billion in 2016 to UAH12 billion in 2017.

Net profit for the cluster was UAH0.9 billion, an increase on the UAH0.7 billion reported in 2016.

Since Antonov joined the consortium in 2015, the profitability of the aircraft company has increased by four times, the company said.

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