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IAI announces new towed radar decoy

07 February 2018

A computer-generated image shows an ELL-8270 towed decoy in action. (IAI)A computer-generated image shows an ELL-8270 towed decoy in action. (IAI)Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is now marketing a new towed decoy system designed to protect all types of aircraft against surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).

Rami Navon, electronic warfare marketing manager at IAI Elta, told Jane's that the ELL-8270 is a lightweight, affordable, self-contained system capable of luring all known radar-guided missiles that can be used as the last layer of protection after other defences such as chaff and radar jammers have been penetrated.

“It does not replace the jammers, but instead provides another layer of defence,” he said. “The electronic warfare on board aircraft is never fully hermetic. For the one time that an enemy air defence system detects an aircraft and fires at it, penetrating the jammer, this will form another defensive layer.”

While there are other towed decoys on the market, Navon said the ELL-8270 is unique because it does not require power from the towing aircraft, relying instead on an independent battery supply, and that it automatically broadcasts its own signals, not requiring any onboard signal boxes.

It is also lightweight, despite this independence, Navon said. He added that it can be configured in different ways to save weight and cost.

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