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Iran's Mohajer 6 armed UAV goes into production

07 February 2018
An Iranian Mohajer 6 is seen with a Ghaem guided bomb during the 5 February ceremony. Source: Tasnim News Agency

Iran held a ceremony on 5 February to mark the start of mass production of the new Mohajer 6 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Five Mohajer 6s were displayed during the event, which was attended by Defence Minister Amir Hatami and Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), but the numbers on the aircraft indicated that at least nine have been produced to date.

Two had inert versions of a small guided bomb on their underwing hardpoints, the rest had no hardpoints. There appeared to be two different versions of the bomb, one with an opaque seeker window labelled as the Ghaem and one with a transparent one labelled as the Ghaem 1.

The latter could be for an infrared seeker that could be locked on a target before launch, the former for a semi-active laser seeker that requires the UAV to designate the target.

Video footage was also released showing a Mohajer 6 using a Qaem 1 to accurately hit a target that was floating in the sea, apparently in the Indian Ocean off Konarak.

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