Czechs seek to resolve 3D radar software issues

06 February 2018

The General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) believes it is in the process of resolving technical issues concerning the delayed procurement of the IAI Elta Systems ELM-2084 multimission radar (MMR).

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) selected IAI Elta Systems to supply eight ELM-2084 MMR systems to satisfy a requirement for a new 3D mobile air defence radar (MADR) for the ACR’s air defence component in December 2016.

Defence Minister Karla Slechtova announced in early January that she would order a complete review of the proposed CZK3.6 billion (USD176 million) radar contract before approving it.

Slechtova ordered a full legal and technical review of the proposed ELM-2084 MMR contract after the National Security Office (NBU) and National Office for Cyber and Information Security expressed serious concerns over software issues and the system’s interoperability with the NATO air defence architecture.

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