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Singapore Airshow 2018: Taiwan acquires AR-1500 airborne radio system

05 February 2018

Rockwell Collins has secured Taiwan as the launch customer for its latest TruNet AR-1500 networked communications airborne radio system, the company announced on 4 February.

The deal will enable Taiwan’s Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), headquartered in the western city of Taichung, to manufacture the radio under licence while customising its waveforms to address its operational requirements.

However, the company was unable to provide specifics on the size of the order or its delivery schedule.

Taiwan has been revealed as the launch customer for the AR-1500 networked airborne radio system. (Rockwell Collins)Taiwan has been revealed as the launch customer for the AR-1500 networked airborne radio system. (Rockwell Collins)

According to Rockwell Collins, TruNet is a family of scalable, mobile ad hoc network-capable and software-defined radios that is designed to boost the ability of ground and airborne forces to share tactical information – such as data, imagery, as well as voice and video communications – securely in real time.

The company’s TruNet product family presently includes the Airborne Radio (AR) and Ground Radio (GR) series, which are evolved from the aircraft-mounted AN/ARC-210 Talon and AN/PRC-155 man-portable/vehicle-mounted systems respectively, while dismounted troops can be equipped with the handheld Tactical International Ground Radio (TIGR) developed by its partner Thales. The TIGR is based on the latter’s exportable narrowband PRC6809 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR) tactical handheld radio.

“The radio is fully interoperable with earlier airborne V/UHF radio variants from Rockwell Collins and offers waveform interoperability with other airborne V/UHF radio systems,” a company spokesperson told Jane’s . “Also, it provides a solid technical growth path for the end user with no worries about obsolescence.”

Company literature states that the AR series comprises the one-channel AR-1000 and two-channel AR-2000 for US customers only, and the exportable one-channel AR-1500 and two-channel AR-2500. The AR-1500 system, in particular, measures 250 mm long, 127 mm wide, and 142 mm tall with a weight of 5.5 kg, and provides waveform options that include Have-Quick I/II, Second-generation Anti-jam Tactical UHF Radio for NATO (SATURN), and Talon I/II.

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