Infantry Weapons

US Army eyes new 6.5 mm carbine with cased telescoped ammo

30 January 2018

The US Army will evaluate a 6.5 mm Cased Telescoped Carbine System during its upcoming Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE).

US Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley has said he wants (a roughly) “10x capability improvements” in a range of areas, including infantry weapons.

During 17 January remarks, Gen Milley said he believes infantry weapons technology could soon improve dramatically. The army is exploring new rifle systems that hinge on “the weapon’s operating system and the ammo”, he said. Gen Milley declined to mention the system or its developer, but said new ammunition and chamber pressure (a function of ammunitions), as well as optics technologies used could provide greater ranger, accuracy, and lethality.

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