BAE Systems details Belgian opportunities in Typhoon bid

25 January 2018

Key Points

  • The Eurofighter Typhoon bid for Belgian ACCaP programme is to include access to a wide range of mission data, electronic warfare, and a role in future platforms
  • The proposal can potentially boost Belgian aerospace and defence capabilities, and help to enhance the European defence industrial and technology base

BAE Systems has revealed some of the potential opportunities for Belgian industry and the country’s military, should the Eurofighter Typhoon be selected in the country’s Air Combat Capability Program (ACCaP).BAE Systems is leading the campaign in Belgium for the Eurofighter Typhoon. (BAE Systems)BAE Systems is leading the campaign in Belgium for the Eurofighter Typhoon. (BAE Systems)

In a 23 January release, the company said proposals put forward by the consortium included the creation of opportunities for Belgian industry to “have a voice in the future development of Typhoon”; the ability to access mission and electronic warfare data in collaboration with the United Kingdom; the opportunity to participate in the support structure for the aircraft; and the positioning of Belgium for future European aircraft programmes.

Anthony Gregory, campaign director for Belgium at BAE Systems, said, “One of the major strengths of our true European offer is that the IPR [intellectual property rights] on Eurofighter is entirely owned by the companies within the programme itself. Our proposals around access to Mission Data and Electronic Warfare data would mean Belgium would not simply be provided with a data pack, but would have its own representatives within the system.

“Belgium would be given access to the systems to allow it to programme the aircraft to its requirements, as well as having a seat alongside the UK. We have provided some of that UK infrastructure and plan to invite Belgian industry to become a part of it.”

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