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Brazil to acquire additional SAR-configured C295

23 January 2018
By the time deliveries are complete in 2020, the Brazilian Air Force will field five SAR- and 10 transport-configured C295s. Source: Airbus DS

Brazil has exercised an option for an additional Airbus Defence and Space (DS) C295 search and rescue (SAR)-configured aircraft, to add to two that were ordered in 2014.

The additional SAR-configured aircraft, which was announced on 22 January, will bring the total number of SAR and transport-configured C295s fielded by the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira: FAB) to 15 by the time the deliveries are complete in 2020.

The FAB currently operates 10 transport-variant C295s (designated C-105 Amazonas in national service) that it began receiving in 2006, and three SAR-variant C295s (SC-105 Amazonas) that arrived from 2009 (including the first of the additional batch of three that was received in August 2017). The second of the additional batch will be delivered in 2019, with the third now announced arriving in 2020 to complete the process.

The SC-105 features an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor and internal mission equipment for day and night operations over land and sea. Specifically, an Elta EL/M-2022A(V)3 surface-search radar mounted in the aircraft's nose enables the crew to search out to 360 km, while satellite communications allow greater co-ordination with other airborne and surface platforms and/or facilities. Also, the platform is able to drop emergency equipment, such as life-rafts or supplies, and can be re-rolled for medical evacuation, or cargo/personnel transportation and other military missions.

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