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IDF developing C2I smartwatch for field officers

18 January 2018
An Israeli officer uses the Shaked C2I system currently being developed for the IDF Ground Forces. Source: Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are set to introduce a new portable command, control, and information (C2I) system for its ground forces, which for the first time will serve all field officer ranks, from platoon to brigade commanders.

Called Shaked (Hebrew for ‘almond’), the new system will take the form of a smartphone and smartwatch that together will provide real-time information to officers on the location of friendly and hostile forces, as well as analysis of the situation in the area and route suggestions.

Lieutenant Colonel Oren Mazliah, head of the C2i and Simulators Branch in the IDF Ground Forces’ Technology Division, told Jane’s on 11 January that Shaked would significantly speed up mission planning for field officers.

“If they need to go from ‘A’ to ‘B’, the system will suggest the best routes in light of enemy positions and terrain and tell them whether the route is suitable for travel by foot or vehicle,” he said. “As they proceed, the system will show them how much time and distance remain to their destination. Information on a digital map will appear on the smartphone and watch. During combat, the officer will peek at the watch and continue to advance.”

Pre-mission planning will enable company commanders to use the system to issue instructions and routes to platoon commanders, who can then do the same for their squad commanders.

Currently, this type of mission planning involves hardcopy maps, which require officers to draw enemy and friendly positions by hand based on data received over radio communications. “Shaked [provides] much faster mission planning,” Lt Col Mazliah said. “As they advance, they will get real-time intelligence from various sources instead of messages relayed to them indirectly via a number of stations.”

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