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Footage suggests QW-2 MANPADS has entered service with Turkmenistan Army

15 January 2018
A member of Turkmenistan’s military displaying a Chinese-built QW-2 MANPADS. Source: Via Altyn Asyr

Turkmenistan’s state media has released video footage showing a member of the Turkmenistan Army displaying a Chinese-built Qian Wei 2 (QW-2) manportable air defence system (MANPADS) for the country’s president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov: a likely indication that the system has entered service with the force.

Released in early January, the footage shows President Berdymukhammedov inspecting troops and military equipment at one of the country’s border posts.

The China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CNPMIEC), which is responsible for the export marketing of the QW family of MANPADS, describes the 1.59 m long QW-2 as an infrared-homing, surface-to-air missile system capable of engaging “fighters, attackers, armed helicopters, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, and cruise missiles” flying at an altitude between 10 m and 4,000 m and at a range between 500 m and 6,000 m.

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