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Surface Navy 2018: Saab’s MuMNS extends MCM operations

11 January 2018
Saab's MuMNS is designed to increase the MCM operational tempo by carrying three charges as opposed to one. Source: Saab

Saab’s Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System [MuMNS] is expected to enter into test and evaluation with the French Navy and the UK Royal Navy (RN) toward the end of 2018.

MuMNS is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that will be deployed from an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) built by ASV for Thales under the joint Maritime Mine Countermeasures (MMCM) programme.

MuMNS will replace the current way mine neutralisation is done, Chris Lade, defence sales manager for Saab, told Jane’s on 9 January at the annual Surface Navy Association conference in Arlington, Virginia.

The old way was to have a ROV carry a charge to the mine, drop it off, and then the mine blew up, he said. “That process was replaced by a one shot mine disposal system that is effectively an underwater missile with a [1 kg] shape charge that delivers a high-kinetic effect to the mine rather than a blast,” Lade said.

Saab combined the two to deliver a shaped charge from the vehicle.

The first reason for doing that is to reduce cost. Identifying that an object is not a target will result in fewer charges being wasted.

But Saab’s MuMNS goes further. Rather than one shot it has three, so it is multi shot, Lade noted. Having the extra shots means operators do not have to keep bringing MuMNS back to the mothership to be reloaded.

“You increase your operational tempo because you are not having to launch and recover the vehicle all the time,” Lade said.

MuMNS can be fitted with three silos in the front, for mine neutralisation, auxiliary equipment for mine immunisation and exploitation, or tooling, according to Saab.

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