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Surface Navy 2018: Lockheed Martin connects LRDR, Aegis Ashore

11 January 2018

Lockheed Martin connected key components of its Aegis Ashore and solid-state-based Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) missile defence technologies, the company said in a statement on 11 January.

Connecting the two systems will provide “earlier intelligence and expanded situational awareness,” said Tony DeSimone, vice-president and chief engineer of Lockheed Martin Integrated Warfare Systems and Sensors.

Integrating the systems’ technologies, DeSimone said in a statement, will also provide more missile defence “reaction time,” he said.

Connecting the two systems, Lockheed Martin said, equates to a low-risk ‘technology refresh’ of the legacy SPY-1 antenna, resulting in: the ability to detect targets at longer distances and combat larger numbers of targets simultaneously; additional target engagement opportunities; higher performance in complicated land environments; minimised interference with civilian or military radio emitters and receivers; and increased use of the new SM-3 Block IIA missile’s performance.

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