Dassault reveals orders, deliveries for 2017

09 January 2018
Dassault delivered eight Rafale aircraft to Egypt in 2017. Source: Dassault

France’s Dassault Aviation Group announced its orders and deliveries for 2017 on 8 January, ahead of the company’s annual financial report in March.

According to Dassault, nine Rafale aircraft were delivered during the year, with one aircraft for France, and a further eight to Egypt, in line with the company’s forecasted rates. The level was stable compared to 2016 rates of production, when six aircraft were delivered to the French military and three to Egypt.

The company also delivered one Rafale to the French Navy retrofitted to the aircraft’s F3 standard. The F3 standard covers improved digitisation, an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, and the ability to carry a greater range of sensors and targeting systems.

The company currently has a backlog of 101 Rafale aircraft, of which 31 are for the French military and 70 are for export customers. This is to be boosted by a further 12 aircraft once the company received a down-payment from Qatar for the aircraft ordered in December 2017. In 2016, the company had a backlog of 110 Rafale aircraft, with 32 for the French military and 78 for export customers.

Dassault also recorded an increase in orders for its Falcon business jet, with 41 aircraft ordered compared with 33 in 2016. Cancellations also declined year-on-year for the Falcon, with 12 aircraft cancelled in 2016 compared with three in 2017.

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