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Bars-8 mortar carrier undertakes acceptance trials

03 January 2018

A Ukraine Mobile Mortar Complex (MMC) system is undergoing acceptance trials in Ukraine, Jane’s understands.

The MMC consists of an Alakran Light Mortar System (LMS) integrated into the rear of a Bars-8 (4x4) armoured vehicle.

The Alakran has been developed by the Aerospace and Defense Division of Spain’s Everis and its compatriot New Technologies Global Systems (NTGS); the integration for the MMC has been conducted under contract from Ukroboronservice.

The Alakran mortar is integrated into the rear of a Bars-8 vehicle for Ukraine's MMC.. (Everis/NTGS)The Alakran mortar is integrated into the rear of a Bars-8 vehicle for Ukraine's MMC.. (Everis/NTGS)

For the MMC application a Ukraine-supplied smoothbore 120 mm calibre tube is utilised and deployed through the two rear doors of the Bars-8. The tube is fitted with a muzzle-mounted device that prevents double loading.

In travelling mode, the mortar is stowed in the horizontal position and when required for action is traversed through the rear using an electro-mechanical system, then the large, square baseplate is deployed to the ground to offer a more stable firing platform. When the mortar is stowed it is difficult to distinguish this variant from the standard vehicle.

Trials have shown that the system can come into action and fire two 120 mm mortar bombs in 67 seconds, with the ability to redeploy before effective counter battery fire can be returned.

The 120 mm Alakran configuration typically has a crew of three and carries 60 120 mm mortar bombs and their charges. A computerised fire control system with a flat panel display is utilised.

The mortar fitted for the MMC application has a stated maximum range of 7,180 m for its high-explosive (HE) bomb. Ukrainian industry has also developed a 120 mm laser-guided mortar bomb that is fitted with an HE fragmentation warhead and is stated to have a maximum range of 7,500 m.

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