Country Risk

French government failure to grant Corsican nationalists greater autonomy to increase protest risks; return to militancy unlikely

29 December 2017

The French government is considering some changes to the status of the island of Corsica, according to comments made by President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with Spanish daily

El Mundo on 27 December.

The remarks come following the victory of a coalition of two Corsican nationalist parties, going under the name "Pe a Corsica" (For Corsica), in a regional election on 10 December. Corsica's nationalists are divided between a portion who harbour ambitions of full independence, and a far larger portion who are merely seeking greater autonomy. The demands currently being made are for more autonomy on fiscal issues, equal recognition of the Corsican language, amnesty for Corsican 'political prisoners', and controls on the purchase of property in certain areas, restricting the right only to people who have been resident on the island for at least five years.

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