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South Korea decommissions frigate, corvettes

01 January 2018
The Ulsan-class frigate , which was decommissioned on 27December. Source: Republic of Korea Navy

Key Points

  • South Korea has retired an Ulsan-class frigate, and two Po Hang-class corvettes
  • Retirement paves way for induction of newer warships, including the new FFX-II platform

The Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) has decommissioned a third Ulsan-class frigate, and two more Po Hang-class corvettes.

The vessels, which were decommissioned on 27 December, are namely Chungnam with pennant number 953, and Yeosu and Jinhae , with pennant numbers 765 and 766 respectively. Chungnam first went into service in June 1986, while Yeosu and Jinhae were commissioned in November 1988 and February 1989 respectively.

The 1,500-tonne Ulsan class first went into service in 1980. The platform measures 102 m in overall length, 11.5 m in overall beam, and has a hull draught of 3.5 m. Powered by two General Electric (GE) LM 2500 gas turbine and two MTU 16V 538 TB82 diesel engines in a combined diesel or gas (CODOG) configuration, the platform has a top speed of 34 kt, and a standard range of 4,000 n miles (7408 km).

Meanwhile the Po Hang class has an overall length of 88.3 m, an overall beam of 10 m, and a hull draught of 2.9 m. The corvette’s propulsion is provided by one GE LM 2500 gas turbine and two MTU 12V 956 TB82 diesel engines also in CODOG configuration, driving two controllable pitch propellers.

The RoKN decommissioned its first Ulsan class in 2014, while a second frigate of the same type, Seoul , was retired in 2015. With the decommissioning, the RoKN now operates a class of six remaining Ulsan-class ships, and 14 Po Hang-class corvettes.

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