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Romania procures portable Spike LR

21 December 2017
Romanian army recently test fired 10 Spike missiles. Source: Rafael

Romania purchased dozens of Rafael Spike LR (long-range) missiles and launchers in the last quarter of 2017, and is evaluating them to decide whether to purchase more, according to industry sources.

The Romanian government signed a similar-sized procurement deal in 2016, and in 2015, it acquired hundreds of Spike missiles and launch systems, the sources said.

The Romanian army recently test fired 10 Spike missiles, as the government considers whether to place a fourth order.

Romanian army Infantry, reconnaissance, mountain infantry, and artillery units are receiving the missiles.

During the recent trials, held as part of a testing-and-evaluation program, nine out of the 10 missiles were fired by Romanian gunners at the Cincu National Training Centre in Braşov, Romania, according to Rafael.

In a statement released on 18 December, Rafael said the Spike LR system was tested in different firing scenarios, including day mode and infrared mode, and was fired against tanks and armoured personnel carriers at different ranges, with all 10 missiles hitting their targets.

“The tests conducted in Romania involved the infantry launcher configuration of the ICLU (Integrated Control Launch Unit) which is the new modern digital launcher for Spike missiles. The ICLU enables very long-range target detection capabilities and integration to a tactical network,” Rafael added.

The company noted that the Romanian army is “a long time user of the Spike missile family, with Spike LR in its vehicle mounted version on a 30 mm RCWS [remote controlled weapon station] on the BMP platform, as well as deploying the Spike ER missile (8 km) on the Puma (SOCAT) helicopters”.

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