Military Capabilities

Norway’s defence minister downplays GPS jamming, spoofing threat

20 December 2017

Norwegian Defence Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen has admitted to local media that he was not surprised that Russian signal jamming had been able to disrupt activities in northern Norway for more than a week during Russia's exercise 'Zapad' in September.

“This is a very concrete example. It was a large military exercise by a big neighbour and it disrupted civilian activities including air traffic, shipping, and fishing,” Bakke-Jensen explained on 14 December. However, he stressed that “disabling air traffic like this is something we have prepared for, so it didn’t affect us.”

During the 'Zapad' drill, GPS signals were reportedly lost by commercial aircraft and other platforms over eastern Finnmark as far as 250 km from the Russian border, with similar large-scale interference experienced over land and sea across northern Finland and Sweden.

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