Slovakia launches 4x4 evaluation

15 December 2017

The Slovak Ministry of Defence (MoD) began evaluating potential bids by manufacturers of light 4x4 armoured vehicles in the nine-tonne class during industrial field trials launched on 6–8 December.

A total of nine vehicle manufacturers participated in the field evaluations, dubbed Industrial Days by the MoD, in preparation for an upcoming EUR782.7 million (USD922.5 million) tender for 404 platforms to fulfil a Slovak armed forces land element requirement for an armoured combat vehicle/multi-purpose tactical vehicle to be procured in 2018–29.

Participating in the evaluations were the indigenous Kerametal Aligator Master II, Tatra Defence Patriot 4x4. ATF Dingo 2, Mowag Eagle V, Renault Sherpa, Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin, Otokar Cobra II, and NIMR Automotive together with the Czech MoD-owned VOP CZ entering an up-armoured version of the Ajban.

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