North Korean test complex for canister-launched missiles spotted near Kusong

14 December 2017

Recently analysed DigitalGlobe satellite imagery shows that North Korea completed construction in early 2017 of a test complex for canister-launched missiles at its Riku-dong tracked vehicle test facility near the city of Kusong.

Located in the country’s North Pyongan Province, the Riku-dong site was also the location where the country’s Pukkuksong-2 (also spelled Pukguksong-2) medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) was first launched from on 12 February under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

DigitalGlobe imagery showing a tower for testing canister-launched missiles near Kusong, North Korea. Two impact craters have been visible since 14 March 2017. (2017 DigitalGlobe, Inc / 2017 IHS Markit)

The new missile test complex at Riku-dong consists of two test pads: one with an ejection test tower and its impact area, and another with a drive-up site and its impact area.

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