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US, Afghan forces continue targeting Taliban-linked drug production facilities

13 December 2017

US and Afghan forces have continued targeting Taliban-linked facilities in Afghanistan in an effort to disrupt the militant group’s revenue streams and logistical networks, according to a news release by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

“Using air power, we have been able to target the Taliban in their so-called safe zones, command-and-control nodes, illicit revenue-generating ventures, and their logistical networks,” US Air Force Brigadier General Lance Bunch was quoted by the DoD as saying on 12 December, adding that the new air interdiction campaign “directly strengthens the Afghan defence forces and their continued battlefield successes”.

“Since the beginning of this campaign we have eliminated 25 narcotics-processing labs from the Taliban inventory,” he said, pointing out that this equates to “almost USD80 million of drug money eliminated from the kingpins' pockets, while denying over USD16 million of direct revenue to their Taliban partners.”

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