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Russian MBT engine completes qualification

13 December 2017

Russia’s new-generation V-92S2F main battle tank (MBT) diesel engine has completed qualification for serial production fitted to the T-72BZ.

Announced at the Gulf Defense & Aerospace (GDA) 2017 exhibition in Kuwait City, the 1,130 hp Uralvagonzavod engine is designed for the T-72B3 MBT (also referred to in Russian literature as the T-72BZ). A modernised variant of the V-92S2, the F model was first publicly seen in use at the Fourth Tank Biathlon event in July 2017, powering the Russian team’s T-72B3. First references to the engine fitted to the T-72B3 emerged in mid-2016 as part of a comprehensive upgrade package; however, at that time the engine had yet to be seen used.

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