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Monitoring militant activity online – November/December 2017

08 December 2017


Islamic State video foreshadows shift

On 29 November, the Islamic State’s official propaganda channel on Telegram published a sequel to the group’s Al-Hayat Media Center’s 2014 video, ‘Flames of War’. It received an unusually enthusiastic reception among Islamic State supporters on Telegram, who engaged in a systematic campaign to disseminate it on Twitter.

In terms of production quality, ‘Until the Final Hour’ was akin to materials produced at the Islamic State’s territorial and ideological height in 2015, and a significant amount of time and effort had clearly gone into its production.

The introduction comprised a sequence of excerpts from speeches given by Western leaders (especially US President Donald Trump) juxtaposed with footage from military training exercises and images of civilian collateral damage in Iraq and Syria.

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