NDAA would impact major Pentagon satellite communications provider

08 December 2017

Key Points

  • A NDAA provision would bar Pentagon from buying satellite services from countries like Russia
  • Commercial satellite communications companies that do business with DoD launch from Russia

A fiscal year 2018 US defence authorisation bill provision governing what is known as covered countries could impact one of the Pentagon’s suppliers of satellite communication (SATCOM) capabilities.

The bill would ban the Defense Department from procuring satellite services after 2022 from either satellites or rockets built in covered countries – China, North Korea, or Russia. The bill also adds Russia to the list of covered countries.

“Clearly if these rules go through and are enforced in the way that is intended, then the US government will place the Russian space industry offside for companies like us that want to do business with the Pentagon,” Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce told Jane’s on 7 December at the Space Commerce Conference and Exposition (SpaceCom) in Houston, Texas.

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