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Brazilian Army seeks to modernise remaining M113B APCs

07 December 2017

The Brazilian Army is seeking to modernise its remaining M113B armoured personnel carriers (APCs), it recently told Jane’s .

Such a programme has not been finalised, but plans are being discussed for a “third phase” of the M113BR project, officials said.

The Brazilian Army originally received 584 M113s from the United States that were modernised to the M113B standard by Motopeças.

BAE Systems by December 2015 had modernised 150 vehicles under a USD41.9 million US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract to a M113BR (local designation for M113A2 Mk1). Another 236 vehicles are being improved under a USD54.6 million FMS contract from July 2015 that is to be complete in 2019.

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