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Future Chinese carriers to deploy J-20, J-31 stealth fighters, says report

07 December 2017

China’s future straight-deck carriers will operate aircraft such as the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group J-20 and the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-31 ‘fifth-generation’ stealth-enhanced fighters, according to a 6 December report by the state-owned Global Times newspaper.

“The J-20 and J-31 will surely be installed on future Chinese aircraft carriers – with the catapult system –to protect the carriers,” the paper quoted People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, a senior researcher at the PLA Naval Equipment Research Centre, as telling China Central Television (CCTV) on 4 December.

Song Zhongping, a TV commentator and military expert, was quoted by the paper as saying that “it is more likely that [Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC)] J-15 fighters and improved versions will be on board together with stealth fighters such as the J-20 and J-31, as they will be playing different roles”.

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