NATO details preliminary APS standards

07 December 2017

NATO’s Standardisation Agency has released initial details of the Standardisation Agreement (STANAG) covering active protection systems (APS). While still a working draft, STANAG 4686, in addition to the accompanying Allied Engineering Publication (AEP)-62 has already defined methodologies for testing soft- and hard-kill APS.

The first volume of STANAG 4686 AEP-62 covers the classification of known incoming projectile threats that an APS might encounter. These include anti-tank guided weapons (ATGW), rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), chemical- and kinetic-energy tank rounds, and improvised explosive devices. Comparisons of data collected on such projectiles include the type of projectile, physical dimensions, arming range, speed profile, and stand-off curve and codify how such threats are stored in an APS’ threat library.

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