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Serbia increases defence spending, plans new procurements

06 December 2017

Serbia’s defence budget will be increased by RSD11.6 billion (USD114 million) or 19.7% to RSD70.5 billion in 2018. The percentage increase is even larger – 23.6% – if calculated in euros. It is planned to invest RSD13.2 billion in the modernisation of the Vojska Srbije (Serbian Armed Forces, VS), a RSD9 billion increase compared with 2017. In addition, RSD1.1 billion will be allocated for scientific research activities.

The 2018 defence budget will focus on the modernisation of the Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protivvazduhoplovna Odbrana (Air Force and Air Defence, RV i PVO) and will finance the procurement of H145M multipurpose helicopters and the general overhaul and upgrade of 10 MiG-29 jet fighters.

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