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VPK unveils BTR-82V APC

06 December 2017

Russia’s Voyenno-Promyshlennaya Kompaniya (Military Industrial Company, VPK) has developed the BTR-82V armoured personnel carrier (APC), a company representative told Jane’s.

VPK has developed the BTR-82V APC. (VPK)VPK has developed the BTR-82V APC. (VPK)

“The BTR-82V APC was developed under terms of reference issued by the Rosgvardiya [Russia’s National Guard]. The vehicle’s protection has been improved compared to the BTR-80: the new APC has received additional spall liner, blast-absorbing lower hull and anti-blast pads,” he said.

The BTR-82V has the same armament suite as its predecessor: a KPVT 14.5 heavy machine gun, PKTM 7.62 mm coaxial medium machine gun and six 902V Tucha smoke dischargers integrated into a manned turret,” the VPK representative added.

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