Country Risk

Reported detention of potential presidential candidate in Egypt indicates military support for current government and policy continuity for 2018

05 December 2017


Ahmed Shafiq, a former prime minister of Egypt and presidential candidate in 2012, announced on 29 November his intention to contest the 2018 presidential election.

Shafiq made his statement from Abu Dhabi, where he has been living since 2012 after leaving Egypt over corruption allegations, which he claims were politically motivated. Within hours of his announcement, Shafiq claimed on Al-Jazeera that he was being prevented from leaving the Emirates by local authorities; this was denied by the UAE, and Shafiq was subsequently flown to Cairo on 2 December. At the time of writing it is unclear whether Shafiq was detained by Egyptian authorities; upon his arrival in Cairo he denied in a televised phone interview that he had been kidnapped but that he would further consider his intention to stand in elections.

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