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Violent risks intelligence bulletin – 5 December 2017

05 December 2017


Argentina – 04 December 2017: Workers’ unions, social organisations, and left-wing parties planned a protest march on 6 December to oppose the government’s labour reforms.

Brazil – 04 December 2017: In Blumenau, Santa Catarina, the authorities ordered police escorts for public buses operating on several lines after 21 buses had been vandalised since 30 November for unknown reasons.

Colombia – 04 December 2017: In Magüí Payán, Nariño, a local human rights official said 13 people had been killed during a recent armed confrontation involving ELN rebels and members of another, unspecified, illegal armed group.

Mexico – 04 December 2017: The Ciudad de México government reported that, since the implementation of the new criminal system, the city's prison population had decreased by more than 33% since 2012.

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