Infantry Weapons

Serbia buys Minimi machine guns and Glock 17 pistols

29 November 2017

The Serbian Army will soon be equipped with 5.56 mm FN Herstal Minimi light machine guns and 9 mm Glock 17 pistols, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Belgrade told the Serbian daily newspaper, Politika .

The information on numbers ordered, units to be equipped, the value of the procurement, as well as the intermediary through which the arms are being supplied are secret, Politika quoted the MoD as saying.

In April the newspaper reported that FN Herstal of Belgium was contracted to supply the Serbian Army with additional quantities of 5.56 mm SCAR-L combat assault rifles as part of Project 1.500 to equip 1,500 soldiers in special units and forces with modern equipment, vehicles, and weapons.

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