Country Risk

Kidnap and death and injury risks will remain high in Tripoli, despite return of foreign embassies

16 November 2017


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Taha Siala, said on 4 November that 30 foreign embassies had returned to work in Tripoli during 2016, after an absence of more than three years.

Many of the embassies left in 2014, during heavy fighting that led to the destruction of Tripoli International Airport and prompted the relocation of the House of Representatives to Tobruq in eastern Libya. Siala said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was working to provide “appropriate” security provisions for foreign diplomatic staff and premises.

The likelihood of fighting between heavily armed militia coalitions in the city centre has decreased over the past year, following the March 2017 expulsion of forces opposed to the GNA, and the waning political influence of its associated government (Khalifa Ghweil’s so-called Government of National Salvation).

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