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Colombia-Honduras bilateral security commitments unlikely to reduce trafficking-led corruption, marine cargo risks along Honduras’s Caribbean Sea coast

08 November 2017


Colombian Defence Minister Luis Carlos Villegas stated the delivery to Honduras of the Colombian-built, USD13.5-million BAL-C logistics ship ‘Gracias a Dios’ on 4 November 2017 was a symbol of their bilateral collaboration on anti-trafficking and security.

Narcotics transiting Honduras pass mostly by sea according to the US Department of State's International Narcotics Control Strategy Report 2017. Honduras's new unarmed ship will provide medical and social services to remote regions of Colón and Gracias a Dios departments as well as further Honduras’s anti-trafficking surveillance operations. Delivery of the ship was accompanied by the signing of a new supply contract between the Naval Forces of Honduras and Colombian shipyard Cotecmar for an unspecified number of coastguard interceptor boats.

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