Military Capabilities

Kazakhstan establishes UUV MRO facility

03 November 2017

Kazakhstan Engineering’s Gidropribor research institute has established a new laboratory for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of the Kazakhstan navy’s unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV).

The centre will focus its work on the ECA Group systems that the navy operates, namely the Unmanned Mine Counter Measure Integrated System (UMIS) that comprises A9 autonomous underwater vehicles, K-STER identification and mine disposal vehicles, and control and management hardware and software.

The new facility includes the necessary equipment to support the vehicles, and will allow engineers to assemble and reassemble various elements of the systems in order to repair and maintain them.

Additionally, the laboratory will provide a facility for the development of new technology with the support of ECA Group, as systems will be maintained on site in Kazakhstan instead of abroad.

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