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IWI launches Tavor AR assault rifle

30 October 2017
The Tavor AR assault rifle is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018. Source: IWI

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) is set to unveil an upgraded variant of its Tavor assault rifle as well as a new family of handguns at the Defense and Security Thailand 2017 exhibition in Bangkok on 6 November.

IWI has responded to emerging demands for increased lethality and range with the design of a 7.62x51 mm calibre Tavor AR assault rifle. To date, the company has only manufactured the bullpup assault rifle in NATO standard 9x19 mm; 5.56x45 mm; and 7.62x35 mm (300BLK) calibres.

Shlomi Saba, CEO at IWI, explained how the Tavor 7 AR would enable customers to operate in a “wide variety of scenarios at short and medium range with enhanced firepower efficiently, safely, and easily with only minimal maintenance”.

The latest 7.62x51 mm calibre Tavor AR assault rifle features increased lethality and range. (IWI)The latest 7.62x51 mm calibre Tavor AR assault rifle features increased lethality and range. (IWI)

Featuring ambidextrous controls and features similar to IWI’s X95 model, including fire selector switch; cocking lever; magazine release catch; and ejection port; the Tavor 7 AR features a rail adaptor system in the 3-; 6-; 9-; and 12- o’clock positions for the integration of weapon accessories including laser designators, torchlights, and optical weapon sights.

Manufactured from impact-modified polymer, the weapon has been hammer-forged and chrome-lined and also features a free-floating barrel for enhanced accuracy and lethality, IWI stated.

The Tavor 7 AR features a short-stroke gas piston operating system with four-position variable gas regulator, which includes an ‘Off’ position designed for special operation forces.

The operating system also includes a rotating bolt for increased safety and a modular pistol grip.

The weapon is available in grey, olive drab green, and flat dark earth colours with options for multiple replaceable barrel lengths (17 and 20 inches) to suit mission requirements. Tavor 7 measures a total weight of 4.1 kg unloaded and has a claimed maximum effective range of 600 m.

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