Infantry Weapons

Jordan to sell Osa SAMs

27 October 2017
A transporter carrying an Osa is seen following another carrying a Strela-10. Source: Jordan Armed Forces

The Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) is retiring its 9K33 Osa (SA-8 ‘Gecko’) mobile surface-to-air missile systems as part of its on-going reorganisation, a Jordanian military source has confirmed to Jane’s .

The JAF announced on its website in late September that it was offering 52 Osas for sale. The source said five countries and companies have expressed interest in purchasing the systems, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and a US company. Both Poland and Ukraine are still Osa operators, but the Czechs retired theirs in 2006.

The JAF was considering contracting Belarus to upgrade its Osas, but decided to abandon the modernisation programme as it was unable to find the required money, the source said.

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