Military Capabilities

USMC outlines ‘Inside Force’ concept

26 October 2017

Speaking at the IQPC Disruptive Technologies in Defence Conference on 24 October in London, Colonel Jim Jenkins, Director of the Science and Technology/Experiments Division at the United State Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) Warfighting Laboratory, laid out the service’s ‘Inside Force’ concept of how it sees itself fighting from 2025 onwards.

Key to the future vision of the USMC is the institutional willingness to harness five drivers of change – complex terrain, terrain proliferation, information as weapons, battle of signatures, and contested domains – Col Jenkins said, while focusing on five critical tasks – integrating the naval force to fight at and from sea, evolving the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF), operating with resilience in a network-contested environment, enhancing manoeuvrability across all five domains, and exploiting the competence of individual marines.

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