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IDF places first Spike LR II missile order

25 October 2017
An infantry team launches a Spike LR II missile. Source: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has ordered more than 1,000 Spike LR II missiles, manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced on 24 October.

“The addition of the Spike LR II will enhance both its infantry engagement range and its lethality against a large variety of targets,” Rafael said in a statement.

Like the original Spike LR, the new version can be launched from a man-portable tripod, aircraft, or weapon stations mounted on ground vehicles and naval vessels. Rafael says it has a maximum range of 5.5 km when fired from the ground – 1.5 km further than the original – and 10 km when fired from a helicopter.

This range increase has been largely achieved by using an uncooled infrared seeker instead of a cooled one that requires an internal gas cylinder.

Its tandem anti-tank warhead has been improved to give it a better penetration capability and it is also available with a multipurpose warhead with selectable fuze options for targeting structures, soft-skinned vehicles, or personnel in open terrain.

“This substantial production order … will kick-start the Spike LR II missile production earlier than expected,” the stated said.

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