Country Risk

Foreign visitors to 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia face elevated injury risks, collateral damage to property

20 October 2017

Key Points

  • Brawls and violence between rival football fans and fans and police are likely in the host cities; injury risks and collateral damage to property are likely to be elevated.
  • Foreign visitors, especially those of non-white racial background, are likely to become targets of individual attacks by football fans or radical groups.
  • Minor crimes, such as pick-pocketing, theft and robberies, are likely to be underreported by Russian authorities, with no or limited legal assistance provided.
  • Cyber attacks aimed at breaching the information security of corporate visitors are also likely.


Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup (WC2018), a quadrennial international football tournament, from 14 June to 15 July 2018. The country will hold the tournament for the first time, having managed to secure it after the doping scandal within the Russian sports industry in 2014. IHS Markit assesses increased violent risks to visitors in the host cities.

Russia will host the national football teams of 31 countries, with the final list of participants is still to be determined. Besides the Russian team being automatically qualified as a host, there will be 13 teams from Europe, 5 from Africa, up to 5 teams from both South America and Asia, up to 4 from the Central and North America, and up to 1 team from Oceania. The final list of the participating countries is to be announced on 14 November 2017, with the final draw taking place in December 2017 in Moscow. IHS Markit will release further assessments after the draw, highlighting particularly contentious matches.

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