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Arms and Security 2017: Arsenal State Enterprise displays new radar for ZSU-23-4 modernisation

12 October 2017
The Arsenal Plant upgrade shown as an example on the ZSU-23-4, with the radar visible in the rear middle of the turret, Igla missiles to its right and the optical tracker to the left. Source: IHS Markit/Samuel Cranny-Evans

At the 2017 Arms and Security Exhibition in Kiev, technicians from the Arsenal State Enterprise discussed a new air defence radar and optical tracking suite that can be used to upgrade any air defence system, displaying the new ZSU-23-4M self-propelled anti-aircraft gun as an example.

The system, called the Multifunction Radar unit with Digital Antenna Array (MRDAA), has been designed as a replacement for the old 1RL33M radar used on the original ZSU-23-4. The MRDAA carries a digital processing unit and the technicians said they “have already modelled the radar with over 1,000 targets” and that it tracked them all successfully.

The radar has the ability to discern whether a tracked target is two jets flying close together, or a single larger object. This is an area where many other radars struggle and represents an improvement in surveying airspace. The main difference, stated the technicians, was that the radar “can work simultaneously in multiple sectors”, as it has 16 different channels with a digital processor.

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