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AUSA 2017: Roboteam launches TIGR UGV

09 October 2017
TIGR can reach speeds of up to 10.5 km/h. Source: Roboteam

Roboteam unveiled its Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot (TIGR) at AUSA 2017 in Washington, DC.Roboteam's Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot. (Roboteam)Roboteam's Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot. (Roboteam)

The medium-sized, tracked platform has been designed to detect, identify, and dispose of hazardous objects and has a modular design, Shahar Abuhazria, Roboteam’s CEO told Jane’s , “We created TIGR with the goal of exceeding the critical needs of the warfighter in today’s complex combat environment with a focus on modularity in design that would simplify upgrades, repairs, and ease the costs associated with lifecycle sustainment.”

TIGR has been designed with enhanced vision modules, Abuhazira said, which include a 30x zoom HD camera and a thermal unit, emphasis was also placed on the manipulator, “TIGR is capable of lifting 15 pounds [6.8 kg] while fully extended and can reach as high as two metres. The manipulator provides plenty of room for disruptors and multiple CBRN sensors. The combination of dexterity and strength allows the operator a large operational envelope to conduct CBRN and EOD [explosive ordnance disposal] search and confirmation activities.”

The vehicle measures 58.8 cm wide, is 91.2 cm in length, and 35.3 cm high. It weighs 74 kg and is powered by eight lithium-ion military standard batteries which deliver up to 15 hours of continuous driving. The vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of up to 10.5 km/h, is able to climb stairs at an angle of 45°, and can be operated at ranges of up to 1,300 m

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