Country Risk

Growing disagreements between Socialist president and EU-oriented cabinet increase policy deadlock in Moldova in one-year outlook

27 September 2017


On 24 September 2017, the Socialist Party of Moldova (Partidul Socialiştilor din Republica Moldova, PSRM) adopted a resolution urging the establishment of a presidential republic in Moldova, empowering the president to call elections and appoint governments.

The resolution was adopted following rallies in several cities on 24 September in support of the Socialist and pro-Russian president Igor Dodon, elected by a popular vote in November 2016. The president and the pro-EU government, dominated by the Democratic Party (Partidul Democrat din Moldova, PDM) of influential businessman Vlad Plahotniuc, have been in conflict throughout 2017 with mutually exclusive policy initiatives. In September 2017 the conflict reached a new peak, with the president, whose powers are limited by the current constitutional provisions, vetoing 12 laws approved by the parliament and his attempts to block the nomination of the new defence minister.

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