Infantry Weapons

Escribano offers add-on SAL section for 70 mm artillery rockets

28 September 2017

Spanish engineering house Escribano is developing a new, add-on semi-active laser terminal guidance section for integration with government-furnished equipment (GFE) surface-launched, fin-stabilised, unguided 70 mm artillery rockets.

Escribano’s Semi-Active Laser Kit (SALK) section comprises two main component modules – an electro-optic spot detection (EOSD) main sensor, and a guidance and control section (GCS). The EOSD module comprises an objective for a laser spot detection (OLSD) component: the optomechanical set (weighing about 300 grams), containing the optical lens for detection of the laser spot, and a laser spot processor unit (LSPU) that contains a segmented quadrant position-sensing detector and the signal-processing electronics.

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