Country Risk

Moves to secure re-election of Bolivian president would likely mean long-term policy stability but increase corruption risks

20 September 2017


On 18 September, members of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo: MAS) party launched a legal challenge to constitutional provisions barring the indefinite re-election of the president, as well as governors, mayors, councillors, and other political posts in Bolivia.

The move represents a renewed effort to enable Evo Morales, president since 2006, to stand for a fourth term at the 2019 presidential election. A previous attempt to do so, via a February 2016 referendum, was narrowly defeated when 51.3% of the eligible population voted against the proposed constitutional reforms. Although initially saying they would respect the referendum outcome, Morales and his political allies appeared to have since hardened their position and are now actively pursuing the re-election option.

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