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Lockheed Martin UK showcases Ajax turret trainer

19 September 2017

Lockheed Martin UK took the opportunity at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London to display its crew turret trainer (CTT) developed for General Dynamics Land Systems-UK (GDLS-UK)’s Ajax reconnaissance vehicle development programme.

The Ajax is destined for British Army service and will be a key element of UK’s new strike brigades. Lockheed Martin is supplying the two-person turret.Lockheed Martin UK's Ajax Crew Turret Trainer displayed at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London. (Giles Ebbutt)Lockheed Martin UK's Ajax Crew Turret Trainer displayed at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London. (Giles Ebbutt)

The CTT consists of a 20 ft ISO container with a static high-fidelity simulator of the commander’s and gunner’s position within the Ajax turret, which replicates its systems and their functionality and supports both gunnery and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) training.

All sensor views are simulated and the crews will operate in an immersive synthetic environment with appropriate aural and visual effects. The 40 mm cannon and chain gun working parts are screen-based, which allow the crew to conduct weapon drills although without the real physical actions. A separate low-fidelity driver’s position can be added as an option.

A six-screen instructor station is also installed within the container that provides real-time video of crew activity, displays of controls, and “god’s eye” and map-based views of the scenario. A library of scenarios will be provided, which will automatically adapt to the standard of performance by the crew, moving to a more demanding standard as appropriate. Scenarios can also be managed by the instructor. All activity and results are recorded for after-action review.

Up to four CTTs can be linked together for collective tactical training. A total of 16 CTTs are being procured.

Lockheed Martin UK has also developed a turret desktop trainer (DTT) that comprises a single screen and two replica control handles. This is reconfigurable so it can be used for either gunner or commander training or for turret crew training.

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